Tuesday, November 13, 2012

E-Book Deal + Character Origins + Awards Ahoy!

You know what time is it? THANKSGIVING time. Now, I know that the tradition is to eat during Thanksgiving, but if you didn't notice, there's this keyword "giving" in there that I think really means something.

Okay, okay, so what I'm saying is that no matter your excuses, this is it: Insignia has an e-book deal going on from now until December 3rd where you can buy the e-book for just $2.99. DUDE. That's less than three bucks. It costs less than a Jumba Juice smoothie. My point is, this is your chance to give that loved one something truly amazing without having to spend too much money on it! So what are you waiting for? Buy buy buy! ^.^ (Also, I strongly recommend that you buy this e-book from an independent bookstore or small business, like Kobo. The deal is across all e-book devices. High time for us to be supportive of the smaller companies. :) )

Moving on, the amazing S. J. has a series of posts up on her blog that details the origination and inspiration behind many of our favorite characters (*cough* Wyatt and Yuri *cough*). I highly recommend that you head over and indulge yourself in this goldmine you're about to find yourself in.

Lastly, Insignia made it on the 2013 Lone Star Reading List (of Texas)! It's next to titles like Cinder and Wonder, which just makes me so happy, I feel like this:

Go tell S. J. congrats, if you have time! ^.^ (Psst, here's her Twitter and Facebook.)

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Death Scythe Kyrsten said...

When I saw the picture of Aang, I totally started fangirling. 'Tis an epic show.