Name: Karl Marsters
Call Sign: Vanquisher
Rank: USIF, Grade VI, Camelot Company
Origin: Chicago, IL
Achievements: Victim of Very Noisome Farts
Note: Though he is in the Genghis Division, he is in no way akin to Minerva.


Name: Elliot Ramirez
Rank: USIF, Grade VI, Camelot Company
Call Sign: Ares
Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Achievements: Receiver of Neil Raine's Despise
Note: He is actually nice.


Name: Heather Akron
Rank: USIF, Grade VI, Camelot Company
Call Sign: Enigma
Origin: Omaha, NE
Achievements: That Pretty Girl Who Got Beaten By Medusa
Note: Seeing as how she is fictional, readers may imagine her with plentiful acne.

Name: Nigel Harrison
Rank: USIF, Grade V Upper
Origin: Cambridge, England
Achievements: Creator of the Nigel Harrison
Note: There is a line in the book that goes like this: "Nigel Harrison just Nigel Harrisoned me!"


Name: Wyatt Enslow (Does not respond to: Man Hands, Evil Wench)
Rank: USIF, Grade III Plebe
Origin: Darien, Conneticut
Achievements: Master of le coding, le gloating, et le normal-hand-size-ignoring
Note: She was once headbutted. It was not funny.


Name: Vikram Ashwan (also responds to: Doctor, Vik, and Spicy Indian)
Rank: USIF, Grade III Plebe
Origin: New Delhi, India
Achievements: Becoming the ultimate Spicy Indian
Note: May or may not be an Indian-Russian cannibal

Name: Stephen Beamer (responds to: Beamer)
Rank: USIF, Grade III Plebe
Origin: Seattle, WA
Achievements: Actively holds the title for That-Plebe-Who's-In-Lurrrrve-With-His-Girlfriend-Too-Much
Note: N/A

Name: Thomas Raines (may respond to: Tom, Doctor, Gormless Cretin)
Rank: USIF, Grade III Plebe
Origin: Unspecified
Achievements: Contributor to the World's Largest Ball of Earwax
Note: He may or may not have a thing for Greek Mythology

Name: Yuri Sysevich (AKA: The Android)
Rank: USIF, Grade III Plebe
Origin: St. Petersburg, Russia
Achievements: Champion of all Cheesy Sappiness
Note: Has a certain fetish for large hands


Name: James Blackburn
Rank: Lieutenant
Grade: 0-3, USAF, Active Duty
Note: Rumor has it that he has a thing for embarrassment + students.

Name: Neil Raines
Rank: Father of Thomas Raines
Note: You may be betting wrong when betting against this guy

Name: Terry Marsh
Rank: Brigadier General
Grade: USAF 0-7, Active Duty
Note: He has a knack for getting people named Thomas Raines into messy messes

Call Sign: Medusa
Origin: Forbidden City, China
Achievements: War Veteran of the Utmost Awesome
Note: Do not get on her bad side, literally

Name: Dalton Prestwick
Rank: Dominion Agra Dude
Achievements: Something about a club
Note: Fancy Suits + Dalton = <3<3<3; Dalton - $$$ = >:[

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