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Minerva: I support Insignia not as a reader, or a blogger, or a fan-girl, but as a geeky human being. Insignia explores not just what humans are like at our very core, but also how our cores determine how we are. It has an exciting infusion of technology and futuristic simulations that I've always been anticipating, and the characters are just hilariously real! The situations, the sacrifices--they are all things that are not just insane, but also, on a level, completely relatable. So while YA Fiction is just that--fiction--and Dystopian/Sci-Fi is as nonfictional as it gets (except for High Fantasy), Insignia carefully and proudly puzzles together different genres' best elements and mashes them into a completely engrossing and addicting read. Thus, I support Insignia, because it's authentic, it's refreshing, and it's awesome.

Penthesilea: Why I love Insignia:
Basically, too many reasons to name. It's humorous, it has a message, it's an amazing storyline... I could go on and on. The characters are often so relatable (well, except for the fact that they have computers in their brains. But you know. Their personalities are). Everyone wants to have a friend like Vik and Tom, so lighthearted and funny, but still incredibly close. This book is also unlike anything I've ever read. It's original, and in the most amazing way possible. Another thing that I love about it is that it's not focused on romance. There is a little romance, Tom has a crush on Medusa and Yuri and Wyatt get together, but that's not the focus of the book. It's more focused on friendship, and what it means to really have and be a friend. If you take the small amount of romance out of Insignia, you still have an amazing book, unlike so many books in the YA world. So, those would be the main reasons why I love and support Insignia.

Amphitrite: Why I support Insignia:
Well, first off, it’s just plain awesome. And second, it was extremely well written! I felt like I was standing there when Vik got made fun of by that girl! The book made me feel so many emotions that I don’t normally feel when reading books. Sure, I didn’t understand a lot of words in the book, but I still understood the general meaning! Just because I’m dumb, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good book. (<-- Note by Minerva: Amphitrite is so not dumb. She's just annoyingly humble.)
If anyone should read this book, it’s everyone. Even my grandma, who loves boring books, loved this book…a lot. Insignia pretty much tops my list of all-time favorite books.

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