Monday, February 25, 2013

VORTEX ARC Giveaway + Awards Ahoy!

Hey plebes!

Do you see that title?

That's right! S. J. is GIVING AWAY TWO ARCs OF VORTEX! (Signed, too! Wha.)

The link is on her blog, here. I think this is international, but I will check with S. J. to make sure. In the meantime, enter enter enter!

(For those of you who are confused, an ARC stands for Advance Reader's Copy or Advance Reviewer's Copy. It's basically a version of the book that's printed early for specific people like librarians and booksellers and often bloggers, so they can read it and review it or buy a bunch of it for their bookstore before the book is scheduled to release to the public. This means that you get to read the book more than FOUR MONTHS early!!!!)

Oh, and are you wondering why you should be excited for VORTEX? Highlight the space below to read some spoilers. Heh. (I warn you: heart attacks from the oh so insurmountable wait may ensue.)

Tom loses something (or some things) quite valuable to him.
Someone is very shocked by something.
Someone has made a dreadful mistake that comes back to bite him or her.
Some people have a romantic moment while being eaten by a shark.

Yup. Yup. So go enter. Now. :D

Also, INSIGNIA was shortlisted for UK's Waterstones Book Prize! Oh you Brits/Europeans with your fabulous taste.

Stay tuned for awesome new stuff coming in the next few months! (And don't forget to tell your friends about us! Tag @ThePentagonalSpire in a tweet and you may just win something... *winks*)