Tuesday, March 11, 2014

INSIGNIA Book Three Title and Cover Reveal!

Hello Combatants (Yes, you are all no longer plebes!)!

I know it has been FOREVER since the last post, but today we have something incredibly exciting for all of you. THE TITLE AND COVER OF BOOK THREE IN THE INSIGNIA SERIES!

It is...

-drumroll please-


According to S.J.'s blogpost (which you can read here), "the CATALYST the title refers to will not be on the cover, but it is more an animal than a vegetable or mineral…"

The synopsis:

This exhilarating, explosive, and heartrending conclusion to the Insignia trilogy brings Tom and his intelligent, passionate, and brave young friends stunning tests and dangerous confrontations and through to an impossible future they could never have predicted.

Tom Raines and his friends are eager to return to the Pentagonal Spire to continue training for the elite Intrasolar Forces, but they soon discover troubling changes: strict new regulations and the revelation that the Spire is under new military control. What begins as an irritating adjustment soon reveals a dangerous shift in reality. Those now in control are aligned with corporate sponsors and their ruthless agendas. And when the military academy begins welcoming new cadets with suspicious neural processors, the first step in a plan with horrifying worldwide ramifications, Tom is desperate to stop it, even if that means keeping secrets from his closest allies.

Then a mysterious figure, the other ghost in the machine, begins fighting against the corporations, but with methods even Tom finds shocking. And when the enemy comes for Tom, how much can Tom endure in the battle to save himself? He must decide if he can still fight when the odds of success seem to be sliding from his grip.
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books, an imprint of HarperCollins


Also: the release date is...

OCTOBER 28th, 2014.

Dam. Three days after my birthday. Maybe I can... somehow... get it early???? *shiny eyes* ;) ;) ;)

And that's all for this brief update! Make sure you pre-order Catalyst on Barnes & Noble or IndieBound. (Due to my beloved local bookstore closing down because it couldn't compete with Amazon, I will no longer provide any links to Amazon. However, if you must buy it there, at least it is good that you're supporting the author.)

Until next time!

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